Hiveworks Comics
CHAPTER 1, pt. 4 - 04
Posted May 25, 2022 at 12:00 am

KISMET Lore dump: The lack of habitable planets within the Verge means that most of its denizens reside on either smaller moons orbiting gas giants, or in larger, man-made space stations. These communities typically augment their residential sectors with mana-assisted artificial gravity, but due to the energy cost of maintaining an artificial gravity field, most Verge Worlds are considered “Low/Reduced Gravity” environments. Historically, this resulted in significantly taller, and physically weaker, populations within the Verge (as compared to people born and raised in the Old Worlds). Though advances in medical and nutritional technology have all but completely resolved the Verge Worlds’ problem of low bone-density/muscle-mass, “brittle bones” remains a common pejorative used to describe Verge emigres.