Hiveworks Comics
CHAPTER 1, pt. 5 - 01
Posted June 1, 2022 at 12:00 am

KISMET Lore Dump: The different regions within the Perseus System are connected by a network of Ley Lines, which are used to facilitate near light-speed travel.  Most consumer-grade spacecraft built for interplanetary travel comes equipped with software that automatically calculates the fastest route to the specified destination through non-commercial routes in the Ley Line network.  For a more expedient travel solution, commercially-operated trains use the larger, and more direct, designated transit lines in the LL network.  These trains only operate between a fixed number of spaceports, and have a pre-determined schedule, with passengers relying on local shuttle services to reach their final destinations. Despite these limitations, the greatly reduced travel times between disparate regions of the System make the trains a very popular mode of transit.