Hiveworks Comics
CHAPTER 2, pt. 2 - 02
Posted September 28, 2022 at 12:00 am

I dedicate this page to all the shippers in my audience--you're welcome/I'm sorry ­čĄú

KISMET Lore dump: Robots ("Bots" or "Synthetics" in the common parlance) are an everyday feature of life in the Perseus system.  Most are simple devices used to automate menial tasks--operating vehicles, working in manufacturing plants, or cataloguing inventory.  Because they primarily exist for utilitarian purposes, synthetics are not humanoid in shape or design, with a vast majority communicating exclusively in Cipher (a machine language "spoken" only by synthetics and understood primarily by engineers).  Synthetics are not intelligent, and though some can be programmed to "converse," there is no higher-level thought or consciousness behind their actions.

Some people use bots as an extension of their personal computers, with these bots serving as a personal assistant of sorts.  This practice is especially common amongst engineers and machinists; with many joking that they are more fluent in Cipher than in human language.