Hiveworks Comics
CHAPTER 2, pt. 3 - 03
Posted November 2, 2022 at 12:00 am

KISMET Lore Dump: The average height for those born and raised in the Verge (colloquially referred to as "Spacers") is roughly 5'11 (180cm), due largely in part to the comparatively low-gravity environments of the space stations and moons which make up the majority of the Verge's habitable areas.  This height disparity is a well-known problem for Spacers traveling abroad in the Old Worlds, where the average height is roughly 5'5" (165cm)**.  Spacer expats commonly complain that in the Old Worlds, the only place you can comfortably lay down on is your floor.

**I averaged the average heights for both men and women to get this number! Did you know that the average height for men across the globe is 5'7" and the average height for women is 5'2"?